VFS MOTORS is a registered company that specializes and trades in aspects of Commercial Vehicles such as Mini Taxi, Midi Buses, Buses and Trucks.

The entity holds vast amount of Industrial experience accumulated prior to its formation and registration.

It is an emerging and well managed company which aims to appoint more Women and Disabled Executives to enhance its management, as well as its business capabilities thus meeting Department of Labour’s Employment Equity requirements.

Currently, individual projects are the major source of income whilst having a steady month-to-month growth. Our growth strategy is to secure two or three bigger contracts per year, through tender bids and contracts with both the private and governmental sectors, while servicing the already established market.
This will be done with the sole intention of positioning the Company well in its Industrial experiential capabilities and market thus making it to be amongst the leading giants within these services sectors and a definite force to be reckoned with in a year or two.


The company comprises of an experienced individual who is currently acting as both Managers and drivers steering the Company towards prosperity, sustainable and financial growth. It can therefore be characterized as an existing company that needs growth and categorized as a service industry
type of business.